Precision X-Rays:

The first step in the CLEARTM Protocols involves gathering information about the biomechanical function of the entire spine – not just the area(s) affected by scoliosis. It is an axiom that you can control the middle of a cord by moving the top and the bottom. By the same token, it is important to understand what is occurring in the neck and with the hips in order to affect the middle of the spine. To obtain this information, seven small, precise x-rays are necessary, totalling 292 mR of radiation (by comparison, according to the American Nuclear Society,, the amount of naturally-occurring, environmental radiation we are exposed to every year is 360 mR, and the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements states that the risk of abnormality to an unborn fetus is considered negligible at 5,000 mR or less). A scoliosis x-ray is also mandated if a recent film is not available.

When taking a precision x-ray – this is done not so much to rule out fractures or abnormalities, but rather to measure the position of each spinal unit -positioning matters more than one might think. If the x-rays are off even slightly, it can throw off the results and show an inaccurate image. For this exact reason, is why we take proper x-rays very seriously. In order to finish, we need to know exactly where to start.

Precision x-rays allow us to measure and quantify the results of treatment. By doing so, this allows us to determine if alterations to existing treatment protocols are necessary. If you are seeking chiropractic care for your scoliosis, you should insist upon x-rays that are accurate and scientific; follow-up films should be taken every three months, and always in the exact same positioning. At Ankeny Chiropractic Health Center, x-rays and the positioning of the x-rays are vitally important.. Once the proper films are taken, the correct treatment protocol can begin.

These X-rays serve as a starting point or a roadmap for your success! Throughout the treatment process, the patient’s progress is continually monitored. We do this through frequent examinations and follow up X-rays to make sure what we are doing is working for you.