Kou's Baby

“Dr. Tanko has a driven spirit and truly loves people. He cares about the well-being of others and the things that are stirred in their hearts. Not many health care providers can do that strategically and whole-heartedly. Whenever he treats my family I can see that he makes note of how we feel inside and out. He always wants to see us healthier and strives to give us the best results. Through his amazing hands, my whole family has been blessed with transformed health. My wife especially has really grown to love and respect the care that Dr. Tanko delivers. Whenever we leave the clinic, we always feel great for the rest of the day and the following week. I am constantly amazed at how much my son has progressed in his health. He essentially doesn’t ever get sick, but when he does, gets better the next day as if it never happened. The chronic back pain that I have dealt with for the past 8 years has also diminished. I can’t say enough about the diligent care that Dr. Tanko has to offer. From being in his presence, I am confident that if people come to know him they would change their perspective of what health care really means. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is seeking better health or just a friend that cares. I have admiration for him and see him as a future leader in the growing communities of today.”

– Kou Yang


Meet Helen

“When I first came to see Dr. Tanko I was dealing with back, neck and hip pain. I also was dealing with symptoms from a stroke I had 10 years ago. Because of the stroke I had trouble controlling the right side of my body. I thought limping was just going to be apart of life. I also could no longer write letters considering I could not hold on to a pen for long because of the constant shaking. I also had numerous surgeries that were supposed to correct my problems, but in turn just created more for me. I started receiving care from Dr. Tanko and I am now pain free, and my drop foot from the stroke has decreased dramatically. I am now writing this testimonial! (which was then typed). One of the most exciting changes I have experienced was, prior to seeing Dr. Tanko; I was only going to the bathroom about once a week. After my 2nd adjustment I started going to the bathroom normally. I thought this was just a coincidence. So I waited a couple of weeks and it became routine! I also was unable to sleep throughout the night without medication, which I now am also off.  I would recommend Dr. Tanko to anyone seeking relief, no matter what the health concern is.”