Dr. Jordan Tanko grew up in Cambridge Minnesota, graduating from Cambridge-Isanti High School in 2007. Growing up, and whenever he was presented with the question, “what do you want to be when you grow up”? Jordan never had an answer. Then his life changed forever.

When Jordan was 14 years old he was in a car accident that almost took his life. After he was rushed to H.C.M.C in Minneapolis MN, they found out that Jordan had broken 10 bones, suffered a major concussion with brain swelling and bleeding and also ruptured his spleen, which required surgical removal.  When picked up from the ambulance he was announced dead on arrival, and the only hope the doctors had gave his parents were “If he is lucky enough to live, Jordan will most likely be mentally handicapped, wheelchair bound, and medicated for years.” Little did he know, that this was the start of the biggest adventure, and mission God had for his life.

Determined to find natural means to help him deal with the pain and numerous health problems he had developed due the major trauma he sustained his mom met a chiropractor.  His life changed forever.

In a matter of months Jordan was completely pain free and living medication free, and this alone was a miracle to him.  Not only that, but the time devoted to walking again was cut in half!  The childhood health issues that Dr. Jordan also struggled with fell by the wayside.  Things like weekly headaches, stomach pains, constipation, allergies and even acid reflux, all disappeared.

After this point, the career path for Jordan became much clearer.  Have you ever heard the phrase “God works in mysterious ways”?  Well this was definitely the case for Jordan.  Because of his outstanding results without the use of drugs or medications, Jordan was determined to tell others about the true power of Chiropractic.

Curriculum vitae

After high school, Dr. Jordan Tanko attended St. Cloud State University focusing his studies on anatomy and physiology. He then went on to finish his Bachelor’s degree in human biology and received his Doctorate degree in Chiropractic from one of the most prestigious schools in the country, Northwestern Health Science University in 2015.

The learning does not cease when it comes to Dr. Tanko’s career. His avid investment in continued education has led him to specialize in scoliosis, helping people worldwide reduce and stabilize their scoliosis without ineffective bracing and dangerous surgeries. Dr. Tanko is the only scoliosis specialist in the greater Des Moines area and one of two in the entire state of Iowa.

After graduation, Dr. Tanko trained in the largest scoliosis corrective clinic in the country, working alongside of Dr. Dennis Woggon the founder of CLEAR™ Scoliosis Institute and developer of the CLEAR™ Scoliosis Protocols.

After working alongside Dr. Dennis Woggon, hearing from numerous patients that they were now canceling their scoliosis surgery and throwing away their brace, as well as witnessing his own scoliosis get corrected through the CLEAR™ Protocols; Dr. Jordan started to develop a BIG passion for helping people with and without scoliosis, find the answers to their health concerns.

If you don’t find Dr. Tanko in his office, you can find him spending his time staying active at his local gym.  He enjoys spending his weekends with his family, going on runs with his dog Atlas, attending local sporting events, attending Sundays at Prairie Ridge Church, or out in the community speaking to different organizations with a message of hope for their health concerns that they have been looking for.