Bracing and Surgery are NOT your only option!

Every BIG curve starts out small. STOP Scoliosis in it’s tracks


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As a CLEAR Institute practice we specialize in scoliosis treatment. But our care doesn’t stop there, as we offer family chiropractic care, acupuncture, and massage. Our mission is to inform, empower, and inspire the people of Ankeny and the surrounding areas to take control over their health, living to their true God given potential. Watch the video to hear our story and meet Dr. Tanko.

What are my options, and is non-invasive scoliosis treatment for me?



Non-bracing and non-surgical scoliosis treatment options. Click here to learn more and find out if you’re a candidate.

Invasive methods, what are the risks and outcomes?

Watch and Wait


Scoliosis Bracing


Surgical Methods


Value of Care


Scoliosis Resource Center

Scoliosis Basics

In order to find answers for scoliosis, we need to figure out what is CAUSING it to develop.

Information about x-rays

Why our precise series of digital X-rays are the safest and most accurate way to measure your starting point and your progress.

The non-invasive choice

Why the CLEAR treatment protocols are the GOLD standard for scoliosis treatment.


You have questions? We have answers.


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Supplemental Therapies

Our goal is to create a highly individualized treatment plan that will not only address your current health concerns but also bring your overall wellbeing to a higher level.

Scoliosis Bracing

Why scoliosis bracing is ineffective and can actually make the scoliosis worse.

Surgical Outcomes

Scoliosis surgery is not your only option. Learn more about the outcomes of scoliosis surgery.

Our mission at Ankeny Chiropractic Health Center is to implement an effective Chiropractic system of Scoliosis care to help people worldwide through science and spinal rehabilitation. With our cutting edge approach to healthcare, we are able to now see results that are highly effective and achieved faster than ever before.

Dr. Jordan Tanko’s training and skill level allow him to not only care for the scoliotic spine, but to be able to aide in massive changes to prevalent degenerative spinal conditions as well.

ACHC is one of just two Non-Invasive Scoliosis Correction Centers in the state of Iowa. We are excited to bring this breakthrough care to the Ankeny Community and Greater Des Moines area. Call the office today to schedule your free scoliosis screening or to set up a time for Dr. Tanko to come and speak to your place of work, worship, or influence.

ACHC is here to help keep you and your family ahead of the CURVE. Relief is just around the BEND.

“Dr. Tanko is great! Passionate about what he does and takes the time to truly get you better based on YOUR SPECIFIC issue. They weren’t winging it, and I didn’t ever feel like just another nameless patient. I would highly recommend.” – Pete W.